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I extend my deepest gratitude to Bob Brennan and Harold Card for the following information and artwork, which would have not been possible, if not for Bob Brennan's astute and tireless research, Harold Card's artistic talent, and their dedication to keeping history alive in Orange County, NY.

--Liese Uptegrove-Ade'

Wallkill, Orange County, New York


The Pine Hill Cemetery was originally a family plot for members of the Vinson Clark family, and later the Horton family. The adjoining cemetery known as the Old Baptist School Plot has many members of the Silas Horton family. The sketches of the Pine Hill Cemetery were done by Harold Card, who has owned the Horton homestead for the past 32 years.

--Bob Brennan

Who is burried in Pine Hill Cemetery?
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(Tombstone inscriptions, and notations)

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