NOTE TO THE READER: The following document was found in a box of old family papers, and has not been verified by me personally. The applicant, Stuart Walcott Hamilton is a relative from my grandmother's side (Margaret Hamilton Howard).

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Stuart Walcott Hamilton


To the


I, Stuart Walcott Hamilton of

         Orange, County of Essex, and State of New Jersey, desire to place on record amont the archives of the Order the fact of my lineal descent from Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, which is as follows, as may be more fully seen in the pedigree annexed, viz:-

        Charlemagne, Louis I, Emperor Charles, Louis II, Charles the Simple, Louis IV, Duke Charles, Gerberga Countess of Louvain, Matilda Countewss of Boulogne, Eustace II County of Boulogne, Geoffrey de Boulogne, William D. Boulogne Faramusde Boulogne and de Tingry, Sibille de Tingry and de Fiennes, William de Fiennes, daughter of William de Fiennes wife of Bartholomew de Hampton, Sir Reginald de Hampton, Sir Alexander de Hampton, Sir Reginald de Hampton, John de Hampton, Edmund de Hampton, John Hapden, Anne Hampton, wife of William de Puttenham als. Putnam, Nicholas Putnam, Henry Putnam, Richard Putnam, John Putnam Nicholas Putnam, John Putnam Thomas Putnam, Deliverance Putnam, wife of Jonathan Walcott, William Walcott, Benjamin Walcott, Benjamin Stuart Walcott, Benjamin Stuart Walcott, Elizabeth Walcott, the mother of the said Stuart Walcott Hamilton.

         And I the deponent further say that the above line of ancestry, and as set forth in the pedigree annexed, is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Subscribed and sworn to before me



CHARLES MARTEL, Duke of Austrasia, Mayor of the Palace, 715-741, had a son
For the line of the Carolingians, see among other of reference Larned's History for Ready Reference, Vol. V., page 3861. PIPIN, King of the Franks, 752-784, who had son
CHARLES, (Charlemagne) 768-814, Emperor 800, who had son
LUDWIG or Louis I, 814-840, who by second wife Judith had
CHARLES, Emperor 875, who had son
LOUIS II., King of Neustria 877-879, who had son
CHARLES (Simplex) 893-929, who had by wife Ogiva or Eadgifo, daughter of Edward the Elder of England had son
LOUIS IV., 936-954 who had son by Gerberga of Germany,
See Monumenta Germanite Historica Vol. IX. page 299. CHARLES, Duke of, who had daughter
Gerbera who married LAMBERT, County of Louvain who died 1015, and had daughter
Matilda who married EUSTACE, Count of Boulogna, 1046-1049. And they had a son
EUSTACE II., Count of Boulogne, 1049-1093 an ally of William the Conqueror, and Lord of the English Fief, known as the Honor of Boulogne, but who suffered forfeiture, by reason of a raid upon Dover in an attempt to invade England. His son
Doomesday Book 36. Geofrey de Boulogne, designated in Domesday as "GOISFRIDO fillio comitas Rustachii" held lands in Surrey by gift of his father-in-law Geoffrey de Mandeville, living 1086. His son

Mon. Ang. VI., 1017, also Charters Mss. Dept British Museum, Cartulary St. Josse, fo. 5 fo. 20.

Sym. Dun. II, 310 John of Hexam.

Pipe Rolls, 1156, 1173

Cart. St. Josse fo. 5, 20.

WILLIAM de Boulogne, living in time of Henry I, but deceased by 1130, had son
Faramus de Boulogne alias de Tingry, living 1172, "nobilis et venerandus" lord of Martock in Somerset shire, the gift of his cousin, William County of Boulogne, and of Wenover, Bucks, the gift of Henry II and of Cotes in Cambridgeshire, part of the possesions of his ancestor County Eustace, and also Lord of Tingry, in Boulogne, who in a charter to Bec, is thus described "Faramus fillius Willemi de Boloina" and confirms to the priory the gift "quan antecesscres mei, scilicet Gaufridus filius comitis Eustachi de Bolonia, avus, meus, at Wilielmus de Bolonia, filius Ipsius, pater meus, deceerunt ecclesia Santae Mariae Becci" etc. a partisan and firm supporter of King Stephen, whose confidence and that of his Queen he enjoyed to the fullest extent, he was left in pessission of his estates by King Henry. By his wife Matilda he had a son William who died in the lifetime of his parents, and a daughter
Note: The pedigree of the Fiennes, from John Fiennes aged 25 in 1301, a great grandson of Sibilla, back to Eustace II, a stretch of nine generations, is easily followed in the printed public records of Great Britain. Sybilla de TINGRY who was heiress of her father's estates in both France and England, and who married Enguarrand de Fiennes or Fienles, a Bollonais baron, who, settling in England, founded the historic family of that name, and was ancestor of the Lords Say and Sele. See Cartulary of St. Josse "cum uxore Matilda es Sibilla Filia mea... et heredious meis Ingeranno de Fienles et uxore ejus Sibilla filiea mea."
This was in 1171, but his wife Matilda is also mentioned in a charter of about 1157, hence Sybilla was undoubtedly her daughter. This Sybilla de Tingry was confirmed in her pessessions by Richard I and there are repeated references to her possessing lands in the Archives of England, which not only show her ancestry but her marriage and heir. Enguerrand de Fiennes was slain at Acon 1189. By Sybilla he left a son and heir
WILLIAM de FIENNES, of Martock and elsewhere, who had livery of his mother's inheritance 8th John 1206-7, and who died 1240. He had wife Agnes who was living 1244. Besides his son and heir a minor at his death, he had a gaughter, who married
This marriage is given by Lipscombe Edmondson and other authoritatative writers, and appears in a pedigree of 1579 which is among the papers of the Earls of Buckingham, and which is quoted by Lipscombe as his authority for this pedigree, and which he has carefully analyzed. For the pedigree in full, see also Edmonson, 412, as well as Hist. Bucks by Lipscombe. BARTHOLAMEW de HAMPDEN who obtained by this marriage certain lands in Wenover. They had son
SIR REGINALD de HAMPDEN died 1220, who married Agnes, daughter of Sir Ingram Burton, and had a son
Sir Alexander Hampden, sheriff of Bucks and Beds 1249-1260, but not continuously, and who died 1262. He paid scutage for one knight's fee in Hampden 20 Henry III. By his wife Marian, daughter of Sir Byran Haridby he had son
SIR REGINALD HAMPDEN who died 1332, and who married Nionoia daughter of John de Grenville (royal descent is claimed for the family) of Wotten, they had son
JOHN de HAMPDEN, knight of the shire 1360-1362, and Sheriff of Bucks and Beds, 1360, who died 1372, having married Joan, daughter of Sir Phillip de Alesbury by whom he had son
EDMUND HAMPDEN, Sheriff of Beds and Bucks, 1390, knight of the shire 1399, died 1420 and is buried at Hampden. By Joan, daughter of Sir Robert Belknap one of the King's Justices, he had son
JOHN HAMPDEN, knight of the Shire 1420 and 1430, Sheriff 1450, who died 1450. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Whalesbury, of Whalesbury, Cornwall, and had daughter
See the above named pedigrees, also Hist. of the Putnam Family in England and America, by Eben Putnam, page XXV, XXXIII, pp. 3,7,47, which work is based upon records found in England by the compiler, to which references can be supplied ANNE (sometimes erroneously called Jane) who married WILLIAM PUTTENHAM of Puttenham, Sherfield, Penn. Warbleton, Long Marston, etc., etc., who died in 1492 leaving a well. Their third son
NICHOLAS PUTNAM of Penn. Bucks, named in his father's will and in the Heraldic Visitations, had besides the son John named in the Visitations, a son Henry, who is named in the will of his brother Henry 1526, then probably living in Eddlesborough. This son HENRY PUTNAM died intestate leaving son
RICHARD PUTNAM of Eddlesborough 1524, who removed to Woughton, and who had wife Joan and left a will dated 1556 to his son
JOHN PUTNAM of Rowsham in Wingrave, Bucks, was buried there 2 Oct. 1573. His will names his son NICHOLAS PUTNAM married at Wingrave, 30 Jan. 1577. Margaret, daughter of John and Elixzabeth Godspeed, he died in Stewkeley leaving a will proved 27 Sept. 1598 leaving a son
JOHN PUTNAM, bapt. at Wingrave, 17 Jan. 1579, died at Salem N.E. 30 Dec. 1662. By wife, Priscilla he had a son
This Thomas Putnam entered the fact of the former home of the family on Salem records. THOMAS PUTNAM of Lynn and Salem, bapt. at Aston Abbots, Bucks, 7 March 1614-5 died at Salem, 5 May 1686 married at Lynn, 17-8 Mo. 1643 Ann, daughter of Edward Holyoke, and was the father of daughter Deliverance Putnam born 15-7-1656, married 23 April, 1685, Capt. Jonathan Walcott of Salem who died 16 Dec. 1699 at Salem leaving son
The dates here given are from Salem records and Salem Village church records. WILLIAM WALCOTT born at Salem 27-1-1691, who married at Salem, 6 Aug. 1711. He and wife, Mary were dismissed to Attleboro church 7 Ap. 1723. Mary Pelt, born at Casco Bay 13 Oct. 1687. Their son, BENJAMIN WALCOTT born at Attleboro, 6 Oct. 1729, married at Attleboro Mary Foster who was born 19 Nov. 1729, died Mar. 9, 1820. Son...
Attleboro and Cumberland Records. BENJAMIN STUART WALCOTT born in Cumberland, R.I., 27 July 1755, died 5 May 1824, married 18 Jan. 1778, Mary Dexter. (See Cumberland records). Son
  BENJAMIN STUART WALCOTT, born in Cumberland, R.I. Jan. 12, 1862, married 10 June 1810, Irena DOOLITTLE, daughter of General George Doolittle and Grace (Wetmore) Doolittle who died April 1831, at Whitestown, N.Y. Their daughter...
ELIZABETH WALCOTT was born at Whitestown, NY 8 Dec. 1816, died 27 Oct. 1896, married 20th Dec. 1836 to Edwin Chauncey Hamilton born in Amherst, Mass., 29 Aug. 1812. Their son STUART WALCOTT HAMILTON born March 6, 1856. (this note hand written on paper): Their daughter, Julia Hamilton married Joseph Sanford Otis, their daughter *Julia Hamilton Otis married Neil Robson Howard. Their daughter was Elizabeth Walcott Howard.

         The Royal Line from Charlemagne to Duke Charles is of common knowledge, and may be found set forth in any history of France of general reference work. The Ancestry of Matilda, wife of Eustace, County of Boulogne, will be found in a contemporary chronicle published with critical notes in Monumenta Germaniae. Domesday Book compiled in the reign of William the Conqueror (1086), and in the lifetime of the persons composing the three generations following Matilda, is authority for those generations, which are further confirmed by the reprinted archives, deeds, and abstracts given in the margin. Faramus of Boulogneis an historical character, and his descent is set forth in his charters, and in other legal documents contemporary with the lives of the persons most interested, (see references in the margin). The same is true of Sibilla de Tingry and her son. The Hampton pedigree is of date of 1579, and so far as possible to prove from printed records would appear to be authoritative, the only criticism being that there is a possibility of one generation having been doubled which in no wise affects the line of descent, and this pedigree is accepted by Lipscombe the careful historian of Buckinghamshire, and Edmonston in his magnificent work on the peerage as per references given in the margin. The Putnam line has been investigated by Eben Putnam and the published results have been confirmed in many important and minor particulars by later finds of deeds, lawsuits, etc., revealed by the publication of calanders and archives by the British Government. The fact that this family possessed lands in the parishes formerly the properties of these ancestors is in itself confirmatory of the pedigree. The search for Putnam ancestry included an exhaustive search of all probate records, feet of fines, lay subsidies, many series of close and patent rolls, and of parish registers, as well as Mss. collections in the British Museum and the Heralds College.

         The Walcott line is proved in every step by Wills, Deeds, Town and Church records down to and including Benjamin Stuart Walcott, and the generations since are a matter of personal knowledge confirmed by family records of the applicant, who can if necessary, obtain the legal certification of the same.

         The compiler of this pedigree presents it without any doubt of its credibility, and is prepared to defend the same.


         I, the undersigned, compiler of the above pedigree, say that I have carefully examined all the records herein quoted, and to the best of my knoweldge and belief the facts hereinbefore set forth are true.

(Signed) Eben Putnam

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ninth day of February, A.D., 1905.

(Signed) George Lemist Clarke,

Notary Public



[return to text] *Julia Hamilton Otis -- Margaret Hamilton Howard's mother -- and our great grandmother.

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