At the time of my birth, May 6, 1852, my parents were engaged in farming, and the first thirteen years of my life were spent on the farm.

The daily duties of a boy on the farm, beginning at a very early age, I have always looked back upon as of great benefit in inculcating habits of industry, punctuality and responsibility. I have always been thankful for my early farm life with its simplicity, plain living and healthful habits of both mind and body. I never realized that thee was any self-denial or any hardship; it all seemed perfectly right, and I knew nothing of any other way, and I was happy.

The name Uptegrove springs from three brothers, Abraham, Dirck and Herman Op-den-Graef, who emigrated from Holland in 1683 in one of William Penn's colonizing parties, consisting of thirteen men and their families. This group founded the town of Germantown, PA. The Dutch name later became Updegraff, Updegrave, Updegrove and Uptegrove.

My father was Josiah Pierson Uptegrove, and his father was Richard Uptegrove. I have very little knowledge of the latter, as he died before my birth. The Genung genealogy records his name, and simply mentions that he fought in the American Revolution.

My father's mother was Eunice Genung. The Genungs were French Huguenots who emigrated to the Netherlands, and later to America. I have a book in my library on the Genung genealogy.

It will be observed that my father's parents were both of Dutch origin.

My mother was Mary Ann Horton, the daughter of Silas D. Horton and Ann Purdy. Grandfather Horton died before my birth, bit I learned from the published genealogy of the Horton family that the origin of the family in country was traced to two brothers who emigrated from England and settled 1640 on Long Island. My mother Horton died August 24, 1886 at the age of 58 years, and my father died in 1905 at the age of 81.

Our farm was located about five miles north of Middletown, Orange County NY and on the main highway between Monticello and Middletown. A stage line passed over this highway daily between these two towns. Along the route were located the hamlets of Wurtsboro, Bloomingburg and VanBurenville.

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