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Wallkill, Orange County, New York

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 Like the deep embroidered flounces that were de rigeur on the petticoats of ladies long ago, a scroll-embellished verandah billows around the house to give it an air of festivity. That was part of the improvement made by Timothy Horton in 1872.

     "This Early Nineteenth Century tavern on the road to Sullivan County was, in the second phase of its existence, the starting point of a career that made history in two branches of the dairy industry, fluid milk and ice cream."

       Timothy Horton, born and brought up on the adjoining farm northward, bought the place. And that was how it came to be the starting point for the career of his younger brother, James Madison Horton.

     James was one of the dozens of young Orange County men who sought fortune by way of a milk route in New York, and one of the few who found it. It should be remarked here, however, that like others for whom dreams came true, J.M. Horton gained wealth not from milk but from real estate. Ice cream was profitable but real estate more so; and in the development of the Central Park area, J.M. Horton's opinion of values was tops.

     James Horton worked a Winter here for brother Timothy and earned an overcoat and $14.00 cash. In addition, Timothy and Chauncey Horton, a brother-in-law, financed a metropolitan milk route for the young man..."


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